Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lopsided Batter/Pitcher Matchups

Over at The Hardball Times I recently explored the idea of lopsided matchups between batters and pitchers: those instances where a batter performed worse than expected against a particular pitcher over the course of their careers. It is a 4-part series with each part containing the top 5 lopsided matchups for a decade. I wanted to give a more complete list of the matchups, so I'm posting the complete Top 500 (1956-2011) here. One of the readers at THT commented that the process is flawed since it doesn't incorporate righty/lefty splits. I believe that the my original process is still the best (you can read my thoughts - lucky you - in the comments section of the first article) but have provided links to the results when controlling for handedness as a comparison.

Method / 1956-1969


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