Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Overview - 8/2/2011

Since a blog format makes it inherently difficult to see what all is available, here is a brief overview of the things I've done so far.  You can also find an overview of the specific studies by clicking on the "Pitching Duels" or "Leadboard Score" tabs at the top of the page.
  • Pitching DuelsIn my first four posts, I explored the world of all-time great pitching duels, using a method introduced by Bill James as a starting point.  Here are the links, including spreadsheets of the various methods containing lists of the Top 25 duels of each decade and the Top 100 of all-time.  You can also skip to the Top 10, 1990-2010 and Top 10, 1918-2010:
    1. Introducing Bill James' method and generating lists based on all regular season games from 1918-2010
    2. Improving Bill James' method by introducing adjustments for the starting pitchers' careers and the quality of teams involved:
    3. Improving the method still further by introducing adjustments for complete games, no-hitters and perfect games.
    4. Using the same method to analyze the greatest postseason matchups of all-time.
  • Pitching Rivalries: By calculating the pitching duel score for all of the matchups between two pitchers, a list of pitching rivalries was generated with those pairs of pitchers that had the greatest collection of duels in their careers.
  • Leaderboard Score: A method devised to come up with lists of the greatest players in every major statistical category.  The links page will be updated as I continue to add more stats. (*Note: I learned of a similar, more complex method after writing this post which you can find here)

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